Thousands strong, are with RJ

Former Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher | County Supervisor Dave Roberts | CityBeat | La Prensa | Evolve-CA | Latino Legislative Caucus |  Congressman & former Senator Vargas | Congressman Sherman | Assemblymember Mendoza | Assemblymember Lara | Assemblymember Dababneh | Endorsement Interviewer & Past Chair California Small Business Association Eileen Fend | National Organization for Women | League of Humane Voters | International Longshoremen & Warehouse Workers | Businesses that left California to survive like Jim Cerniglia, The Pizza Bistro | Clairemont Town Council President Ryan Trabuco | Republican candidate, AD71 Tony Teora | ... just a partial list of over 75,000

"It's time to wake up..."


My name is RJ Hernandez, I have achieved what I wanted to in life and now I am here to help you and the rest of the community to do the same. One avenue to get there is business growth, building upon the strong manufacturing base in the area.  Creating and owning successful businesses, mentoring and community engagement has been my life's work.

This is about cooperation, not competition. This is not about one side or the other, partisan thinking is just a problem creator. That is the common enemy we can unite against. And together, focused through local government and involvement, versus big government not focused on local issues, we can bring America back and California forward.

My tenacity has already negotiated millions of dollars for small and big businesses, my business experience has started successful business ventures and my fresh perspective has made me a watchdog, bringing local jurisdictions and police together to make our roads safer and traffic policies fair. I know what it takes to create jobs, business and to be heard.

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and California. These are options, not politics.


RJ supports these and similar organizations...

We The Voters: A group founded by and for nonpartisan/independent voters focused on fostering solutions, no politics.

The Clinton Club: A group founded by and for business owners and employees focused on networking, business growth and lobbying for solutions to public opportunities.